Why I Adopted the Developers Trust Alliance Best Practices 

The digital ecosystem is successful when there is trust between the developers who create products and services and the consumers who use them. 

The Developers Trust Alliance exists to educate those outside of the data economy - like consumers and clients - about its inner workings, and to provide developers with Best Practices of openness and transparency, security and data integrity, and responsible data stewardship. 

I've adopted these Best Practices because I believe in the principles they follow, and it is my hope that this commitment demonstrates to my current and future clients and users that I am committed to responsibly collecting, managing, and using data. 

I invite you to learn more about the Best Practices and guiding principles and the vision behind this project.

If you're a developer, join me in adhering to good practices.

For users and clients, I encourage you to get to know and understand the Developers Trust Alliance brand and what its mark means when you see a developer use it.